Pumpkin and cherry tomato chili

I can’t say I am rugby fan but it is one of the few sports I really enjoy watching, with tennis. So as the 6 Nations tournament is on at the moment, and France was playing Wales yesterday, I was down the pub with some friends cheering the team. And feeling a bit lonely in the middle of many Welsh fans! We lost … which might have been best as it got us some free we-feel-for-you drinks. Caught a cold on the back of that, so not going out of the house today and cooking something warming with whatever there is in the fridge.

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Vanilla “golden stars” mini-cupcakes


I have been much too healthy since I started cooking vegan. So for Valentine’s Day, I am coming back to my first love :  baking cakes! And because it does not need to be fancy to make you happy (wink wink to the hubby) this is one is a simple but effective vanilla cupcake with buttercream icing … and some golden stars to make them shine!

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Seasonal Vegetables Miso Soup (by Wholefoods Harmony)

Seasonal vegetables miso soup

For Christmas my sister got me a vegan cooking class at Wholefoods Harmony and I booked it at the end of Jan, for a good start to 2016. The class was lost of fun and hands on cooking with organic ingredients at Anna’s home in North London. As I am now cooking vegan at home, it was great to learn new recipes and to practice with some ingredients I am less familiar with. For example, miso paste, wakame and burdock, as showcased in this post. The recipe is from the class, so if you try and like it, all the credit goes to the wonderful Anna!

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