Basic almond cheese

Almond cheese

I love a good cheese & wine dinner .. festive, delicious and easy to put together. The perfect start to a night of girly gossip or romantic Friday dinner …  So I wanted to find a vegan alternative that the hubby could also enjoy.

The “vegan cheeses” I found at the supermarket we not too much to my liking – I always wonder what is in them and they don’t seem tasty enough to eat on their own with a piece of crusty bread. So that motivated me to try and make my own version, and I found a great recipe on Lands and Flavours which inspired this post.

Very easy to make – although needs a bit of advance planning – this almond cheese is very versatile – depending on how long you season and cook it it can be either soft and spreadable, or sharp and crumbly. Enjoy as is or crumbled in a salad or on a pizza.

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