Stuffed cherry tomatoes

Mini tomate farcie

Don’t you just hate being left with a tidbit of this, a spoonful of that, but never enough to actually make a meal out of it? Well here is your solution: serve lots of little nibbles instead of a proper dish!¬†They are so cute, usually very easy to make and quite useful when you have to finish leftovers.

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Valencian holiday – Episode 1 – where to eat the best paella


Where can you eat this mouth watering paella?

Well, though Valencia is famous for being the hometown of paella, we went a bit out of our way for this exceptional one. We had tasted an awful paella in a tourist trap of the city centre on our first day, and vowed to only go for the top of the pop from there on.

And it turned out the best paella of not in Valencia. Rumour has it that it was actually born in La Albufera, a beautiful lagoon 15 km from Valencia. So there we went on a sunny day: we biked 20 km until the little village of El Palmar, at the heart of the Albufera,to taste the best paella.

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Pear & Blue Cheese Samosa

Samosa Bluecheese_Pear2_LR

“The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.” Doesn’t this make a perfect excuse to stay late in bed this week-end?

And here is another one if you are having guests for lunch: making these blue cheese and pear samosa will take you about 15 minutes. That is not much time in the kitchen, and therefore more in your bed.. but equally happy foodies when they will bite into this crunchy samosa and discover its creamy filling where the sharp and salty tasty of the Roquefort is balanced by the sweet flavour of the honeyed pears. Yes, all of this!

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Thank-you Chocolate sandwich cookies

thank you cookies 1_LR

I had a wonderful holiday in Valencia last week, which I still need to tell you about! But before sharing all my foodie discoveries with you, I wanted to write a thank-you post to my colleagues who took over all my work for a week, so that I could relax in the sun!

This is why today’s recipe is featuring the Thank-you cookies I brought them on the Monday morning: chocolate cream sandwiched between two vanilla biscuits with a clear message written on top!

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Banana Pancakes for two



Jack Johnson’s “Banana pancakes” is one of my favorite lazy Sunday songs, it puts me in a good mood on rainy days (and I live in England, so I get quite a bit of these). Ever since I heard the song I have been wanting to make these famous banana pancakes..but somehow never got to do it.

Last week-end all the elements finally got together: it was a relaxing Saturday morning, I was about to go on holidays, it was raining outside but I was going were the sun was (i.e. Spain) , and we had nothing fresh left except 2 eggs and 2 bananas. A sign of God!

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