Drunken Nutella Christmas giveways


This year I visited quite a bit of hotels because of work..or sometimes I wonder if I should say thanks to work. On the one hand it meant I spent a bit too many nights away from home for my own taste (and I think my boyfriend’s), but on the other hand I discovered many very cute places where I would love to come back for a romantic week-end.

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Pecan Banoffee cupcakes

Banana caramel cupcakes

It’s been a while since I have used my Primrose Bakery app! It is a great app full of cool cupcakes and cake recipes, and a few icing recipes as well. I found they always work really well… and this one seemed a perfect Christmas treat. It is also a great way to use overripe bananas, as this recipe uses no less than 4 of them! I brought these to the office on the first of December, to celebrate the start of Advent and the countdown to Christmas..and they were gone within seconds. Good thing I had

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Lobster a l’Armoricaine – another Christmas recipe

Lobster LR

The Christmas season continues and hope you are all enjoying the mulled wines, hot sausages, ginger breads and all other things you can find at the Christmas market!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently sharing my recipes from last year’s Christmas. The previous one was a traditional venison roast, and today is for those who are more into what the sea has to offer. It is a very traditional lobster recipe, called either lobster Armoricaine, or lobster Americaine. I suppose one is a deformation of the other, but not sure which name was there first.

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