Strawberry risotto – no it is not a dessert

Strawberry risotto

Are you feeling adventurous? Then this recipe might just be the thing for you!

I have been wanting to post the recipe on this blog for a while now, but I could never take a satisfying picture of it. Like many risottos it is delicious but not particularly photogenic. In the end I chose to photograph it “in the making”.

Though it has been almost a classic at our house for years, it is becoming a bit of a social gimmick now: we made it for half-curious, half-dubious friends two weeks in a row. And demand is growing,which is nice for me as,I have to be honest, it is not me but my other half who cooks it.

For those who are afraid this strawberry risotto might taste like a sort of warm rice pudding,let me reassure you.The strawberries lose some of their sweetness in the process and a faint tartness takes over, you are left with a very nice combination of flavours, and definitely the ones of a savory dish.

Perfect with a bubbly glass of prosecco!

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Crostata con la ricotta – ricotta tart

Another amazing 3mn video from the Man’s visit to Italy. This one is starring his grandmother, making the most amazing pie I have ever seen. It is just beautiful to watch her make it, with no fancy robot or even a bowl to mix the ingredients. Just two hands, fresh ingredients and years of experience. My favorite part is how she makes the beautiful!And it comes out perfect too…it is almost magic!

The video and music are a courtesy of the man of the house, I am lucky I can make use of his artistic talents for my little blog! I would love to hear your thoughts on the recipe, and the video itself! And if you are a little interested in music, go and visit his website.

This time, we took a different approach compared to the Polenta video : no one talking, just music and subtitles, which makes this video very relaxing for anyone who enjoys cooking and captures only the key moments.

Orange cream pie – chocolate crust

Orange curd pie

I have been living in London for 2 months now, and experimenting on a few typical English recipes ever since, with and without Thermomix. So how come you still haven’t seen any of it? Quite simply because I have always been a bit disappointed with the results. My scones were too flat, my curd too liquid and my shortbreads too plain. But I keep trying, and all these failed attempts enable me to show you one thing I am really good at: recycling food.

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