Summer pasta salad

Summer is there and though it is still a bit cool, I decided salad time has arrived!Time to take it easy! I cook less fancy stuff in the summer, since it is enough to toss together a few good things, sit outside and enjoy. Not much work to do, only chose the best ingredients you can find!

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Berries and whipped coconut cream

I got really lucky at the market this week : got a kilo of cherries for next to nothing, and 2 punnets of berries for free in addition to that! Supposedly for my nice smile… but I suspect it was mainly because it was the end of the day, there were the last two left, and the market gardener did not want to pack them up. But I try to forget that … the other reason, though more unlikely, makes me feel much better!

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Grapefruit & pastis tiramisu

Tiramisu grapefruit pastis

Reading the “Rich and Creamy Tiramisu” recipe from Bam’s Kitchen inspired me this week-end and I thought of many possible variations on the theme. I usually prefer my desserts with some fruit, and have long been making my own version of tiramisu using speculoos (cinnamon and clover crunchy biscuits) and pears instead of ladyfingers. But this time, I tried a more original association of flavours! It may seem a bit surprising at first glance, but trust me, it is tasty, and very fresh.

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Express mango-ginger crumble: sun in my plate!!

Mango crumble

I have been trying to make my own yoghurts for a while, but unfortunately still haven’t mastered the skill (though I don’t give up!). In the mean time, to make these creamy homemade yoghurts, I have been eating a lot of the industrial ones, ironically..because it was the only way I found to get a hold of glass cups I could use to make the self made ones.

For two weeks now I have been mistreating the glass cups, filling them with my failed experiments. I thought it was time to give them a break and remotivate them by using them to make these express exotic individual crumbles.

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Le Far Breton from far far away – excuse my French

The far breton is a traditional cake from Brittany. It is a sort of prune custard flan..and it happens to be my roomie’s favorite cake. Since we were celebrating her birthday this Friday, it was the occasion for me to take the plunge and make one!

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Tea & Eat – perfect brunch on a sunny sunday

Already July and summer does not seem to start yet in Brussels. I used to make fun of the people here, strolling the street in their shorts & tees at the first ray of light. But then I realized I did not want to lose even one occasion to sit in the sun myself when I had the chance, as it does not happen that often here!

So this week-end, when chosing a place for brunch, a garden or a least a terrace was a must have! And I found the Holy Grail: Tea & Eat!

Place is lovely, they have a shady garden that protects you from the noise in the streets, waiters are nice & helpful, and food is delicious. What more could I ask for? Oh yes I forgot, it is not even overly priced!

We had a brunch composed of toast bagels with cream cheese and salmon on a green salad and roasted vegetables, soft scrambled eggs, a biiiiig scone with strawberry jam and whipped cream, freshly squeezed orange juice and a choice of hot beverages.

If you don’t have time to sit and enjoy the athmospere, you can also stop by their little shop and get some of there numerous and flavorful teas.

Rosemary and Lemon Stuffed Trout

Simple but efficient! You don’t need many ingredients for this recipe, but you need the BEST! I made this during my holidays at my parent’s house in Charente…and it was real team work as you will see!

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