Scott Jurek’s lentils & mushroom vegan burger – step by step recipe

vegan burger - final


Funny how inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time, and mostly when you least expect it! Last week the hubby and I went to Italy to visit family. We took different flights as he was a bit more flexible. In the plan he was sitting next to a man ready “Eat and Run”, by vegan ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek. He had no book to read at that time so went to by this one and started it just as I was ramping up my training for an upcoming half-marathon race. This book is all about Scott’s journey to becoming an ultra-marathoner and vegan, and how being a vegan helps him keep his body happy. The book is peppered with some of his recipes – and even though I have not read it myself yet, it motivated me to try my first vegan burger – only slightly adapted from the original.

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Bali recipe #5 – Balinese sweet corn fritters

Corn fritters

That’s it! This one closes the chapter on Bali recipes. Again, one that has a lot of spices and ingredients. But you could simplify the recipe at home, using less or other spices, to make these fritters. As long as you have some canned sweetcorn, flour and eggs, you can adapt this recipe any way you like, which makes it perfect to finish leftovers! They can be served with Asian or Western meals equally, as a starter or a main, or even as finger food.

I hope you liked this exotic series of dishes! And if you ever fancy going to Bali, I would definitely advise to take one morning to do this cooking class at Casa Luna in Ubud.

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Bali recipe #4 – Chicken satay drumsticks

chicken satayHi again! It’s been a while! I was not even on holidays but I have just caught up with another hobby long forgotten! I have been sewing like crazy these past few weeks, which left little time for cooking, and even less for recording everything on the blog. So yes, I had a bit of a dip. And actually, sometimes it is good to take a little break to revive both motivation and inspiration.. just in time to share a summer BBQ recipe!

These chicken satay drumsticks would make a nice exotic alternative to the usual  kebabs. Funnily enough, just like our BBQs,  in Bali making the chicken stay is a task traditionally performed by men. Some stereotypes transcend cultures!
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