Gooey dark chocolate and bitter almond brownie


We hosted our first barbecue at home last week-end. We had such a lovely time, and in was great to finally enjoy the garden! Summer is a month late, but it is there!

I love cooking and hosting but it can be a bit frustrating to go back and forth between the table and the kitchen while having people over. I always end up missing the end of a good joke because I am checking on whatever is in the oven at that time.

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Poached eggs and steamed asparagus


Do you know that movie ‘Runaway Bride’ with Julia Roberts where she runs away at the altar everytime she tries to marry?
I am not going to tell you the end of the movie but apparently, according to that movie, if you want to be happy in life, you better know how you like your eggs! And I prefer them poached..which does not make things easy.

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My Horchata de Chufas

Chufas 7

In last weeks post I told you where you could drink the best Horchata de Chufas in Valencia, well now I can tell you were to get the best one in London…and in all modesty (really?) that’s at my house now! I finished all my chufas in the process, so won’t be having nay of this delicious drink in a while, but it was a good learning and I can reuse the same process for other vegan milks. Or maybe

Now how do you go from the chufas that like minishriveled potatoes, to a velvety milky summer drink?

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Valencian holiday – Episode 2 – where to drink horchata de chufas


Horchata de chufas is a traditional drink from the Valencian region, quite similar to almond milk or other vegan milks, but with a very distinctive, refreshing nutty flavour with a hint of aniseed. Though chufas are called “earth almond” and “tiger nut” in English, there are actually not a nut but a tuber, just like our well-known potatoes but much smaller.

The are several brands of commercially-produced horchata, which you can find in supermarkets and cafes in Valencia, but it has nothing to do with the real thing served in traditional horchaterias where you can enjoy your drink accompanied by a ‘farton’ (not kidding) , a foot long donut-like pastry to dunk in.

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