YuMe – asian fusion lounge bar & restaurant

YUME Tervurenlaan 292 B-1150 Bruxelles http://www.resto-yume.be (picture from lalibre.be)

I had been wanting to go to Yume since this summer, when I tasted their beef teriyaki at the EAT Festival. However, I never made it until now because I have been too lazy to go that far (ok, it is not that far, but outside my usual quarters let’s say).  Now that I am about to leave, I realize there are so many things I had been wanting to do, and never did. So I am trying to catch up before it is too late!

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Poached pears in spiced tea

Poached Pears4

This was actually our Christmas eve dessert! Now… I know, we should have baked a traditional Christmas cake, a “Buche de Noël” , as proper French families do. But it was just too much after the foie gras, the cheese tartelettes, the oysters, the deer and the cheese platter. So we went for a lighter option, though delicious and full of winter flavours. I would recommend this dessert after any big dinner !

For those who don’t know what a “bûche” is : Bûche de Noël is a cake roll, usually made and served around the Christmas holiday. . It is a bit like a jelly roll, but with (usually chocolate) butter cream inside and out.(It was just too much butter..)

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Brussels sprouts – a tribute to Brussels

Choubruxelles5As you might know if you have been following this blog for more than 2 weeks, I am about to say goodbye to Brussels. I have had an amazing time here, and though I am really glad to be finally moving to London, I am also sad to leave. So I thought my last recipe cooked in my Brussels kitchen should pay homage to the city. I had many possible dishes in mind, the one more popular than the other: fries, waffles, mussels, speculoos …

But then I realized that these were already very popular among many of us: people who come to Belgium, and Brussels in particular, can’t wait to put their hands on a cone of crunchy fries with mayonnaise, or a warm waffle dripping with chocolate.

But there is one delicious dish people tend to avoid. It is suffering from a bad reputation, though I find it tastes great when well prepared. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you: Brussels sprouts! (Of course, you’ve guessed it already, since it’s on the picture above…) This is my tribute to Brussels: the rehabilitation of Brussels sprouts, with an easy and tasty recipe

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Express, homemade,skinny chips – the winning trio

Chips4I like to buy vegetable chips such as those made with beetroot, sweet potatoes or carrots, rather than the more classic ones. But sometimes you just need to go back to basics..and when I made my own potato chips, I realized it did not at all taste like the one’s you can buy in the supermarket. Real chips actually taste like potato, not just salt. That was quite a revelation.

This recipe is from my dad, we made it real quick just before slouching on the couch in front of a movie. Not a very good movie in fact, so good thing we had the chips to keep us company!

Instead of cooking the chips at very low heat for a long time to dry them, we cooked them at very high heat, but for only 10-15 mn. The result is great, and you avoid missing half of the movie checking on your chips. But the downside is that you have to eat them quite quick, because they will soften up.

Still, I found it a good compromise, and my chips did not have time to even think of getting cold, I had eaten them long before!

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My first star!

Thank you Mimi, from Chef Mimi Blog, for nominating me for my first star for Blog of the Year 2012!  I’m quite honored, especially since my blog is still in its first year.

Chef Mimi Blog is written by Mimi, whose life has focused on food and cooking for a little while..and that’s great news for us readers (and eaters). She has a lively blog, with delicious recipes, well detailed and explained with pics..yum!

I am delighted to receive this award, it’s the kind of thing that keeps you going. Sometimes I feel like Julie in the movie Julie & Julia, who is wondering if anyone besides her mother is reading her…and that’s exactly when an award perks you up!

I also love discovering new blogs, by myself or through these awards. And this is just the occasion to thank those whom I enjoy reading and who inspire me everyday.

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Pumpkin fisherman’s pie

Hachis potiron poisson7I have been spending the Christmas holidays with my family cooking crazy things. Things I never ever cook but during Christmas holidays, such as lobster and deer. Unfortunately I have not been able to post them on time for you to enjoy because my life looks like a tornado since I came back home.

Out with the old, in with the new! Goodbye Brussels, hello London! I am changing country, job, and moving in with my boyfriend. Very exciting, but not much space for cooking and blogging in all this mess. Especially since all the material is now in my suitcases!

But I saved a little recipe for you anyway, one my mommy made for me during the holidays, and one I regularly ask for. She says it is impossible to spoil it..and indeed she never did, so better take her at her word. It is a variation on a fisherman’s pie, full of flavours thanks to the many herbs and spices in the recipe. Perfect when you have a big party over!

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