Detox breakfast salad – fennel, courgette, avocado, clementine and more

IMG_0109We are turning the clock forward this Sunday an losing an hour, but could actually use a 13-hour day right now!

March has been a busy month for me and I am struggling to keep the pace! Wedding planning is in full swing with less than 2 months to go before the big day, not a single day passes without having to do something wedding related. I should have gotten married on a deserted island, with only 2 witnesses and sent the pictures to the fam as a souvenir. I also started a new job this month and found out most of my projects were due while I will be on honeymoon so will have to work extra hard to have it all done before the wedding, which is just what I needed.

With all this the blog has come down the priority list I am afraid. But this great salad should help giving me all the energy I need to get through the upcoming weeks! The flavours are really mild and citrussy, and though it works great at lunch or side dish, this one is actually a breakfast salad. The recipe comes from a family friend who takes the time to make one for herself every morning.

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Vegan GF chickpea salad – with red peppers and tenderstem broccoli

Chickpea 1


Since Darya from the blog Tortore shared with me her little trick to keep already-cooked beans and chickpeas, I have been on a real bean-frenzy! I have been cooking a batch every Sunday, and keeping it in a jar as she instructed. I put a whole pack of beans to soak when I leave for work in the morning, and I cook the whole batch in one go when I come back in the evening. Then I let them cool off in their cooking water and keep them in the fridge in tupperwares, always in their water up to one week in the fridge. Thanks Darya for the tip! This salad for example, took me 5 mn to prepare. I brought it to lunch last week, it was delicious, healthy and very filling thanks to the chickpeas. If you are vegan or GF, this one works for you too! Here is how to prepare this super quick salad…

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Sunshine quiche – bell pepper filling and oregano crust

Sunshine quiche

You know when you don’t really know how to tell something because you want to say it the right way, at the right moment, and you end up waiting so long that you end up saying nothing? Well that’s a bit what happened to me with this blog. I got engaged a bit more than  a year ago now (yay!) and I did not know how to, or whether I should break the news on my blog. First I thought I should tell friends and family only. Then I though I should say it because I like my lovely readers to know a bit a bout myself and it is the big event of this year (and of my life)… Then I though maybe it was not appropriate because I am writing a cooking blog, not a wedding blog, then it felt awkward because we had been engaged for while… and so time passed and I never said anything. And now I am starting to get so much into the wedding planning, that I am less and less regular with posts … not great, I know. But hey, I am getting married in May! And I am sorry it took me so long to break the news! Let’s celebrate this and the early spring with this sunshine quiche, perfect for the soon to come pic nics in the parc!

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