Mixed berries & yoghurt Charlotte


My name is Charlotte so of course, as soon as I learned how to bake, I have been dying to bake “myself”. Back at university, I used to make charlottes quite often. I loved it because it was so easy to make, very versatile and always impressive to guests. All you need is the right cake tin, and then you can just mix and match different types of fruits, custards, and soaking liquid. I even thought of creating my “Charlotte’s charlottes” business which would have been an online platform where you could chose the biscuits you wanted, the custard, the fruits, the soaking and I would have made the charlotte to order. I was good to go! I would have basically spent my life in the kitchen creating charlottes to order.

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Jin Kichi – Japanese restaurant (Hampstead)

collage jin kichi

I am usually not a fan of Japanese restaurants as I find the atmosphere a bit cold, and if they only do sushi then you are out of there pretty quickly. None of that at Jin Kichi in Hampstead. It is a lovely little gem, hidden in plain sight! It is only a few steps from Hampstead station, up the hill, right in front of a pizzeria. Be careful, it is a bit difficult to spot when you come there for the first time.

The restaurant itself is very cosy, with a warm atmosphere but it is a tiny place, so I would recommend going there with a couple of friends or on a romantic date rather than with a large party. The extensive and mouthwatering menu features many types of japanese dishes, from the classic sushi to less common items. I can already tell you you will spend a while figuring out what to choose!

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Chococo rum-soaked cakes


Rhumchoco cakeTrying this coconut/praline/rhum/chocolate cocktail in Rabot 1745 last time, gave me some ideas for cakes! But then what does not give me ideas for cakes..

Anyway, I baked this one just before going away for my holiday in Croatia (which explains the lack of posts recently). I was leaving the man at home all by himself and felt a bit guilty to go on a girly beach-mojito-gossip holiday while he was staying in England, under the pouring rain by 15 C. So I decided I would back a few breakfast cakes (yes, I know rum is not the ideal breakfast drink) to make him feel better and brin a bit of sunshine to his plate.

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