Raw cocoa nibs energy balls

Raw cocoa nibs energy balls

Today I had my first outing with Dead Drop Fitness. DeadDrop events are a collection of secret fitness events designed by former military operatives. They are outdoor, whatever the weather, and often espionage themed. Lots of fun, and a great way to force myself out of bed on this rainy  and misty Sunday morning. The next one is on Feb 13th for “Operation Kill Cupid” !

After an hour of running around and jumping in the mud, I was in need for some extra energy and I turned to my now well worn out copy of  Scott Jurek‘s Eat & Run.  His Xocolatl Energy Balls were just what I needed, with only very minor adjustments.

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Lunchbox polenta cake

  Very chilled Sunday this week, we mostly spent it at home doing close to nothing … Prefect excuse: the hubs sprained his ankle playing football so he was stuck on the couch with his leg up. And I felt like I had to be supportive.

In between  crying of laughter in front of Modern Family and losing at board games, I did a bit of batch cooking to be ready for the week ahead.

This polenta cake is perfect with a salad as a boxed lunch, and so versatile! You can flavour is as you like, in savoury or sweet versions alike.
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Grow-your-own fried oyster mushroom

IMG_1884I am quite into making my own staples, to the point that everything we have for breakfast in the morning is home made: bread, nutella, peanut butter, jam, and nut milks. All by yours faithful! Sorry for bragging, I have to admit am a little bit proud of this.

But as I live in town, and I don’t really have green fingers, I have never managed to grow anything myself. Until  my sister offered us this amazing Mushroom Growing Kit from Pret-a-Pousser, thanks to which I can grow mushrooms on my windowsill.

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Simple Thaï inspired red curry

Happy 2016 everyone! 

I enjoyed the best of both worlds this Christmas : celebrating in France with champagne and foie gras, and in Italy with baked pasta and panettone. But after all the traditional Christmas dishes, it feels good to have something a little more exotic! 

What do you need? 200 g marinated tofu – 1 red pepper (chopped) – 150 g fresh spinach – 400 ml coconut milk – 1 tbsp fresh grated galangal (or ginger) – 2 tbsp red curry paste – a dash of fish sauce – 1 tbsp tamarind paste – 1 tbsp sunflower oil – a handful of cashews – a handful chopped fresh coriander.

How to make it? 

1. In a hot pan put the oil, red curry paste and 1 tbsp coconut milk. Mix well until the curry paste dissolved in the other 2 liquids and the flavours are released (2-3mn). Add the galangal and tamarind paste and mix well.

2. Add the spinach, red pepper and tofu. Fry for about 5 mn or until the pepper starts to soften a little.

3. Add the rest of the coconut milk and the fish sauce and stir to combine. Leave to cook for 5-10 mn, stirring continuously. 

4. While the curry cooks, get another pan and add a little oil. Crush the cashews roughly and fry until lightly brown. 

5. Serve the curry with rice and top with the roasted cashews and chopped coriander.