Wild mushrooms and asparagus linguine

Pasta mushroom asparagus

Here is a simple spring dish, nothing fancy, just fresh vegetables from the market, some wild mushrooms and linguine.

Ideal for a quick lunch or when you really don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen.

No need for cream or tomato sauce: just use the same water to boil the asparagus and the pasta, and mix the cooking water with the veggies. Tasty and healthy!

Enjoy with a glass of dry white wine !

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Homemade Nutella – the real thing, just better


I think I cracked the secret recipe this time! I am now on an all homemade frenzy, and breakfast at home is all made from scratch: jams, peanut butter,spreads, bread…The Nutella was a tough nut to crack but I think I finally got it, thanks to a secret ingredient that brings out the hazelnut taste even more.

I have started my Nutella experiment with this easy 3 ingredient chocolate-hazelnut spread. That was delicious, but not exactly the same as Nutella in terms of texture, and the taste was a bit different too.

I also wanted to tackle a big issue with Nutella: it becomes tough as a brick when you leave it in the fridge..which is not a problem for a product full of preservatives, but my version would need to be stored in the fridge at least once open.

So here it is, my version of Nutella, with no palm oil (and actually not much oil at all) and a secret ingredient!

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Lemon & poppy seed butter biscuits

Lemon poppyseed butter biscuits

You know how sometimes biscuits and sweets can scream “Eat Me Now”? They call you from inside the cookie jar, and there is nothing you can do to ignore them. Even with the music full blast and all doors between you and the kitchen closed and locked, you know will end up freeing them from the darkness and offer them a nicer place to stay: in your tummy. (And eventually on your hips, but that is another story. )

Not that this will help me get in shape for the holidays, but thanks to my sister and her great birthday present idea, I can now make cookies that say “Eat Me” in style. This way I am sure I am not the only one hallucinating talking cookies…and I have a better chance that someone else will get to the biscuit box first, and eat them before I do.

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Chocolate and vanilla layered custard pots

Pots de creme bicolores

Are you familiar with Danette? It is a French milk based pudding made by Danone and it is so popular in France that I bet you can find it in every French family’s fridge. And I dare you to find anyone that cannot sing their slogan “On se leve tous pour Danette” (Everybody rises for Danette). Click on the link to find an ad that dates back to the 80’s for a bit of history!

When I was a kid, I think there were 2 flavours only, vanilla and chocolate, and I already had a hard time choosing. Now if you go to a French supermarket, you will find between 15 and 20 different flavours. No way I could make a choice there ever!

I don’t run that risk here as I haven’t found any Danette on the shelves yet… nevermind, I thought I’d just make some myself. And because I still could not decide whether I wanted to have chocolate or vanilla, and was feeling playful, I just made a “2 in 1 Danette”. I have to say the vanilla custard was the best, the chocolate was a bit overcooked and thus too thick..such a shame, I will have to try again to make it perfect 😉

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