Speculoos spread – a Belgian treat!

I think I mentioned it before, but in Belgium speculoos is a big deal!

These spiced crunchy cookies  with often a figure stamped on the front side can be found everywhere. They are delicious dipped in coffee, but are also great to use for cooking and baking. You can turn them into many delicious things!

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Fall Salad – Pumpkin, Apples, Hazelnuts

I have been writing long posts lately…so let’s give you all a rest and make this one short and to the point 😉 I am hoping you could share a few favorite fall salads with me, now that you just saved 10 mn of reading!

I made this quick salad whiles expecting the girls for brunch last Sunday. Brunch during which my homemade Nutella recipe was a great success..thanks to all my friends present that day for finishing it before it goes straight to my thighs!

Anyway…A real autumn salad this one..and simple to make, though you’d have to go through a bit of trouble cutting and peeling the pumpkin, but after this, it is fingers in the nose! My favorite fall salad so far this year! Please comment and let me know what is your favorite salad so far…always happy to get some new things to try!

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