Linguine with mussels and diced tomatoes



We received the best housewarming present last week : a week’s groceries from Wholefoods. Such a nice and useful gift! Thanks Rob! Our fridge is now packed with gourmet food (at the time of this post, most of it is actually gone…).

On Sunday we have been dining on a selection of great cheeses: mild and sharp gorgonzola, taleggio and a wonderful truffle cheese, with Italian red wine. All of this in front of a classic mafia movie, Goodfellas. Perfect move-wine-food pairing!

And earlier this week-end we used our mussels to prepare this simple but delicious pasta dish. Check out the recipe below!

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Multifruit mascarpone pie

Fruit pie_LR

This week-end I discovered two lovely shops in my new neighbourhood. A great traditional butcher, the Hook & Cleaver and a lovely fruit & veg shop where I can finally enjoy a large variety of fresh ripe fruit. The place I lived before was lovely, but as it was close to the high street in Ealing, it was full of chain stores. It is too bad that the nicest neighbourhoods are taken over by chains. It becomes difficult to find something authentic.. coffee shops are all Costa, Starbucks or Caffe Nero, and the only places for groceries are the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury. It was tough for me to leave my first flat, but now that we are settled in the new place, I really appreciate the more neighbourly atmosphere here.

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Beetroot, Feta and Red Onion Tabbouleh

Beet Feta Tab I am trying hard to be good for the summer, but as you might have noticed, lately I have been cooking nothing but cakes! To be fair the weather had not been that great, and as I have been feeling cold most of June and July I needed some serious comfort food. I am just coming back from a 2-week holiday in Italy, starting in Sardinia and up to the lakes – which explains the lack of post in the last few weeks. Of course spent some time on beautiful beaches..which made me think that I had not exactly prepared my “bikini body” this year. But I will get a second change end of August: I am leaving for Croatia and this time I will be good and make crispy healthy summer salads instead of yummy  but deadly cakes! Continue reading

Yoghurt almond berry loaves

20140704-210627.jpgSummer is also picnic season! These mini-loaves packed with berries are perfect to take with you and eat on your plaid in the middle of a parc. They are also fun to make, especially with kids as the one tool to measure the ingredients is a pot of yoghurt (125g). This is a variation on a famous yoghurt cake recipe.

I just love pic nics. It works for breakfast, lunch, evening drinks… Everything. And it is so nice to all prepare a little something to share and discover what the others might have come up with for the feast. We have just had the warmest days of the year here in London and I am definitely taking advantage of this to pack a few delicacies in my basket and go lie on the grass somewhere. I wish I actually had a real wicker basket with a red and white tablecloth and a big white dress… I have a very romantic idea of picnics!

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