Happy Halloween!!

As a matter of fact I am spending Halloween in my bed, struck down by a sudden nausea attack. I have been sleeping my way through it this afternoon…and staying in bed tonight. Terrible feeling…especially since my roommate and I had planned a big Halloween party at our apartment! Hopefully the party has been moved to another place, but I wont be part of it.

So no recipe either for today…but I have been browsing the internet for you (what can you do when you’ve been sleeping all afternoon, and don’t feel good enough to get up?)  and here is a sample of my favorite Halloween food. Had I been able to prepare the party, this is would have been the ideal menu!

Now back to sleep..and I’ll feel better on the morrow, hopefully inspired for a Halloween themed breakfast!!!

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Very Girly Cupcakes

I hosted my 3rd cupcake workshop last Sunday…and I think all the participants can be very proud of themselves! There has been tremendous improvement since last time: no runny icing, no dry cupcakes, no mistakes in proportions…and we all had a really nice time! Many inspired artists among us as you can see from the picture!

Comment and vote for your favorite! 

Is it going to be the treacherous mushroom ? the stingy bumblebee? or the romantic heart cupcake?

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Chocolate Unwrapped 2012

So many yummy events these days, I can barely keep up!

Last week-end I was at Chocolate Unwrapped in Covent Garden, an event dedicated to fine flavoured chocolate and grand finale fo the Chocolate Week in the UK.

I must say I was a bit disappointed at first, because the venue was so dark I almost felt like I was visiting a cave. Then the organisation was not very flexible nor organized : so no one mentioned to me you had to take cash if you wanted to buy anything inside, and when I realized it, I was told there was no re-entry if I was going out,so I stayed.A bit frustrating not to be able to buy anything in such an occasion..and I think the exhibitors were feeling the same. I don’t think they sold much that day, though they were plenty of tempting things to nibble on while browsing the stalls.

Good thing there was a lot of sampling, and when I got over my first impression, I had quite a good time, and spotted some favorites for you! Please comment to let me know which one you liked most!

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Organic fall sunday roast

The Hungry Man and I have been a bit obsessed with local and organic food since the report on GMO’s and have been trying to improve on what we eat. But buying organic at the supermarket really weighs on our budget, so we’ve been experimenting with produce delivery directly from the farm.

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Orzo minestrone with crispy chicken

Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize this sentence and it is so true : Winter is coming!

And with it warm and hearty soups! My mom used to tell me to eat my soup, so I would get taller. As a result I had a lot of soup as a kid, almost every evening …good thing it does not have that much of an effect on your height, otherwise I would be a giant!

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Homemade Nutella – 3 ingredients

Friday was just one of these days when things did not want to go my way at all and I ended up needing a lot of comfort food to help me calm down. Seing the picture above, I am sure you know what I am talking about…

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It-is-raining-outside prunes porridge

I just offered myself a treat!! Bought “Jamie’s Gret Britain” cooking book. Full of confort food recipes, exactly what I need now that the rain is back for good in Belgium (has it ever stopped raining?). And the recipe I wanted to share with you today is my first variation on Jaime’s prunes porridge.I know it might not sound very sexy…but trust me it is delicious!

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