Brunch @ Maggie’s (Ealing)

Collage Maggies   My mom and my sista came to visit for Easter week-end so I thought I would give them a little tour of the neighbourhood. And of course this had to involve a girly brunch! It was a great occasion to try a new place in town : Maggie’s Vintage Beads and Breakfast

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Mini Coconut Lemon Drizzle Cakes

Coconut lemon drizzle LR

Last week was the goodbye lunch of one of my dear colleagues. It is difficult to imagine the office without him and we will all miss him dearly. For the occasion I went looking for some “intel” from colleagues in his department : I wanted to find out what his favourite cake was, so I could bake one for the lunch. Turns out they could not decide between a lemon drizzle and another cake, which I had never heard of, the “dundee cake”. So I just baked both!

Today I’ll share the lemon drizzle recipe with you, the colour palette of picture looked a bit more “Eastery”, and it might inspire you for your Easter dessert!

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Clementine marmalade with Vanilla (no added pectin)

Clementine marmalade


After the clementine cake here is another way to use your leftover clementines from the Christmas season, and a good way to bring some sunshine in your plate until the summer comes.

I made this marmalade back in February but we only opened the jar recently and I am quite proud of my first marmalade! I have made many jams already but I have never really tried making marmalade – probably because I am not patient enough to let the fruit and sugar sit overnight before I can cook them and I am always afraid I will get too bitter a result. This is a soft set marmalade that uses the natural pectin in the fruit to achieve set and it is a 2 day process, might be useful to bear that in mind before starting.

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I tested … Oxfork (Oxford)


I went to Oxford last Sunday with some friends, to leave busy London behind and enjoy some fresh air. It is funny how Oxford seems so far from where I live, just because it bears the same of another city, when it actually takes me exactly the same time to go to Oxford than to East London.

A good Sunday can only start with a good breakfast, so the first we did upon arrival was to head to Oxfork, a cafe strongly recommended by a friend and one of the city’s go-to foodie destination. I read a bit about Oxfork and it actually started as a pop-up restaurant, who finally found a “place to stay” in 2011.

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