Big foodie event in Brussels this week-end!

This week-end I am planning to go to Culinaria in Brussels, a big gastronomic event in Brussels that takes place for the 4th time. This years theme : Into the raw…seems promising.

From 31/05 until 03/05 at Culinaria you can taste the best food, make new discoveries and even dine with a full gastronomic menu made by the best cooks in Belgium. I will be there..and will tell you about it shortly after!!


Strawberry rhubarb compote

Been sweating over the stove for hours to prepare a nice dinner to your guests and just don’t feel like spending any more time in the kitchen? A pie or cake might be too rich after all the delicious things you’ve been stuffing them with? Or simply looking for a healthy but gourmet dessert?! Then don’t go any further, I may have exactly what you need! And you’d even be using seasonal fruits!

So : Strawberry-rhubarb compote, what else?  OK..this does not sound as good as when George says it, it might not even be as good as having a bite of George I must admit … but try it! You won’t be disappointed!

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THE Key Lime Pie

As I said when starting this blog, I like to bring back emblematic recipes from the places I visit. I was recently in Florida, and noticed key lime pies were kind of an institution there. Of course, I had to test a few of them… you know, for the blog, for my personal culinary education, as a tribute to the local culture, and maybe also to satisfy my sweet tooth..maybe. I checked out a few recipes online when I came back home, and when I saw how easy it was, I just had to make one myself! This recipe is adapted from the one I found in the magazine Elle A Table…let’s try it together!

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Save the green!

Green, green, green..this is a monochrome dish! Again a good way to use these asparagus that are so quickly gone. A few weeks more left, and I am trying to make the best out of it!

An easy salad made with asparagus, avocado and a green yoghurt a few cherry tomatoes for the color!

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Osso buco “della mamma”

As we were experimenting recipes together a few years ago, a good friend once suggested to add orange juice to our preparation. My jaw dropped open: no way!!!  But after years of denial, I must admit it now, it was a good idea, and the secret ingredient in the following dish.

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Shrimp and avocado tartare

I went back to my parent’s place in the South-West of France for this long week-end, hoping for a little sunshine… but I got unlucky. To make the best of a bad hand, I decided to involve the whole family in this blog for the few days I am here : cook some family creations, work together on presentation and get some help from my dad for the pictures. Now I wish it could always look like this!

This first recipe is really easy to make, with only a few ingredients, and packed with healthy stuff. Very refreshing, it is perfect for the summer (hello, summer, do you hear me? we are waiting for you..). So here we go for the tartare!

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Asparagus and pine nuts risotto

I must admit I got a little sick of desserts these days and tonight I gut craved a good savory dish… so here is a little experiment made with what I had in the pantry. Among other things, I always have risotto rice, it is the perfect way to make a delicious dish with next to nothing!

So ok, not everyone has asparagus at hand when it comes to preparing a last minute dinner..and let me reassure you, I don’t either, but we all got lucky today!

By the way, what is your favorite risotto? Milanese, mushrooms, seafood…?

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Cherry on my Cake – Luisa Sobral

Lots of ideas brewing these days…but I still have to find some time in a busy schedule before I can bring them to life. But don’t worry, you’ll get more news this week!

In the mean time,  I would like to present you a very talented musician: Luisa Sobral.

With an album called “Cherry on my Cake”, she sure has won the right to an article in a cooking blog, hasn’t she?

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The cupcake factory

On rainy Sundays afternoons, and we have many of these here inBelgium, I often organize cooking workshops with friends. I already had lots of fun making sushi, christmas cookies and cupcakes in a crowded kitchen ..but this Sunday was different.

This time I was cooking cupcakes based on recipes from the Primrose Bakery, a fairytale little bakery in Londonthat I discovered a few weeks ago.

I even got the App and spent the whole trip back from London to Brussels browsing the numerous recipes available and trying to decide which of them would have the honour of being my first try.

As it was, we were going to be 5 in the kitchen, not really all expert bakers (no offense girls) and mostly there for fun anyway. So I went for the basics (because that’s where you are supposed to start right?) : classic cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing.

When the party was over, there were still 5 not iced cupcakes, so I made some more icing, with just a little twist: I replaced some of the icing sugar (I did not have enough anymore) with soft brown sugar. Those are the ones you see on the picture…and for those who want to see what happens behind the scenes : here it is! Continue reading