Cauliflower bites


Spring is coming, I can feel it in the air – especially the pollen. So before winter is really over, and we change time tonight, here is a last recipe with a very wintery vegetable: cauliflower. Cauliflower makes me think of sunday lunches at my grandma, when I was trying to get much more of the béchamel than the veg. I really like it but I have never tried preparing it in different ways. I usually stick with my classics: cauliflower gratin with béchamel, roaster cauliflower and cauliflower soup (usually with some blue cheese). And that’s about it. No surprises. But then, a while ago already, I stumbled upon an appetizing picture of Cauliflower Tots from SkinnyTaste on Pinterest, and I felt quite excited to try this new way of cooking cauliflower. Then of course I forgot about it for months. I was reminded of it a few weeks ago, as I was trying to come up with something original for dinner, using what I had in the fridge. And I did not have much: I found cauliflower, a piece of parmesan rind, an an old piece of bread. Not exactly a good basis for a romantic dinner, but it was so cold outside, going out to refill was out of the question. And that is when I went back to the Cauliflower Tots, slightly adapted to make do with what I had. I have to say the Thermomix came in handy here.

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Very vanilla Crème Anglaise

Creme anglaise v3

A few weeks ago, I was sharing recipe ideas with a friend and while I was going through things I wanted to test for the blog, he pointed out that ” I can never cook something normal”. I wondered what he meant by this and he said that he noticed I always add something weird into the mix : when I bake a chocolate cake, I put beetroot in it, when I make hummus, it is sweet potato hummus etc.. So I promised that for once I would publish a “normal” recipe and here it is.

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My mom’s meatloaf


I went back to my parents in Angouleme this week-end for a bit of rest far away from the big city, and some much deserved sunshine. The contrast with the UK is striking, spring is clearly much more advanced here:  the banks of the river are already peppered with yellow daffodils, the trees are covered with bursting buds and I have not worn my woolen jumper even once. What a wonderful feeling! We went for a walk along the Charente river today and I noticed that there has been some flooding here as well, the river clearly burst its banks. But with the sun shining bright and the flowers piercing through the grass, it looks like a distant memory.

The other thing I love about going back to my parents is of course to be a bit spoiled and enjoy my mom’s cooking! I am sharing here our dinner for tonight, we tested it for the first time during the Christmas holidays. This is her now-famous meatloaf recipe. I am usually not a fan of meatloaf as I find them often quite dry, but this one isn’t at all and it is dead easy. It was even better served with a home made tomato coulis – the best ever thanks to the very ripe and sweet tomatoes we had this summer.

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