Venison roast with baked apples and celery mash – a Christmas recipe

Roti de biche

Ho-ho-ho! Let the Christmas season begin!!!

Last year I was not really ready for the run up to Christmas, so the only Christmas recipe I provided was for gingerbread cookies and that was about it. From this, you would never have guessed that my family and I actually spent the whole holidays cooking and planning our Christmas menu(s). Of course we duly photographed every dish, but when I came back home early January, I felt like it was too late to share them..Christmas was gone!

Now it is that time of the year again, and I have a few recipes up my sleeve! This one was our Christmas Eve dinner, it is some serious cooking, so each step is well documented and photographed. And if you read through the article, you will see how the dish looked like as we ate it…we were not patient enough to properly dress the plates..clearly does not look as good as the photographed version!

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Curry Tomato Ketchup


There are 2 types of people on this planet: ketchup and mayo. Which one are you? I am definitely a ketchup girl! I rarely eat junk food, but when I do you can bet my fries are slithered in ketchup and I add some inside my burgers too. Before I got my Thermomix I had never tried making some myself and had been quite happy with Heinz tomato ketchup. But since I got my new baby I have been making my own jams and spreads so why not my own ketchup?

While I was buying groceries to make ketchup I thought of my time in Belgium when I was regularly getting fries as a snack in the “baraques a frites” (literally a fries truck). There you could get a greasy cone of chips (double fried, once in vegetable oil, and once in beef grease), and choose from about 20 different ketchup or mayo based sauces with funny names such as Samourai, Andalouse, Bearnaise or even Ketchup-Curry, which I thought was a nice little twist on the traditional tomato ketchup. So here is my version, adapted from the Thermomix recipe.

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Pappardelle with chicken and mushroom sauce


Living with a true Italian, I have long refrained from cooking pasta. Pasta is what students learn to cook first, so it should be easy, right? Well so did I think, until I tried cooking them for my other half. Then I realised there were many many rules to making pasta. Did I say rules? Actually divine laws would be more accurate.

Overcooking pasta is the worst of sins, no adding enough salt to the water comes second, and serving the wrong type of pasta with your sauce will probably get you hell with no chance of redemption. Which I why I usually stick to whatever else I can get my hands on, and the man of the house usually cooks them.

But I have recently been promoted to making sauces, so this recipe is a partnership : I made the sauce, he cooked the pasta. This sauce is variation on bolognaise sauce, in which I replaced the mince meat with some leftover chicken and mushrooms.

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Easy Pad Thai

pad thai


I just had a look at what I had published in the last few months, and frankly, there are waaaaay to many desserts! I love desserts, but it seems like I have been indulging in them a it too much lately… and it’s not only my blog that tells me that! So here is something a bit different from what you would usually see on Kick-Ass Cooking.

A few months ago, a Polish friend visited me in London and she probably fell in love with the Thai food here, because at the end of her trip, she offered me a beautiful Thai recipe book, with lots of mouthwatering pictures. It took me a while to go and get all the special ingredients, but I finally got around to try one, and I started with a classic Pad Thai, and then a few variations around it. In the recipe it said you could do with either chicken, prawns or tofu..well why chose, I used all 3 of them!

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