Rosemary & Thyme shortbreads – step by step recipe

First of all,  let us render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s! I am following with great interest the blog of Savory Simple, and this shortbread recipe was featured on the blog this month.

It felt like the perfect treat for a summer aperitif in the garden … and way  better than any cracker you can buy at the supermarket. So I just HAD to test it and make my own. I adapted it slighlty..but basically my contribution to the recipe is mostly the step by step photo explanation.

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Two-face homemade pizza

It is thanks to this pizza that “fish & veggie girl” and “steak & potato guy” solved a dispute that could have sadly ended a romantic couch potato evening. Good thing we master the art of compromise, at least when it comes to food !

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Athletes’ favorite banana bread

2 weeks ago I ran the 20 km of Brussels for the second time. My first time was last year and it was so painful that I don’t understand how I could show up a second time at the starting line. Tired, lungs & legs on fire, blisters all over my feet…in fact, the only positive feeling I had was the fact that I never felt like I was out of energy..and this is where the “athlete’s banana bread” plays its part! Then this year here I was, and much better prepared than the previous.  But the banana bread helped me again, I am sure!

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Grilled salmon with granny smith apple emulsion

This blog is becoming a real problem for my that I am writing about food, I buy much more “toys” than I used too. And I was running at a pretty good rate before!

The last few weeks I have filled my cupboards with: silicon cannelé tins, a siphon bottle, two new silicon baking tins and a few cute dishes and bowls for pictures…this HAS to stop!

Now is time to make good use of what I have before I get to buy more. In the following recipe I use the siphon bottle:  I love this thing, it makes everything nice and fluffy!

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Tomato & cheese tartelettes

I stole this recipe from my mom! It is ideal  when you are having people over, no time to prepare anything fancy AND your fridge is (almost) empty. No panic…I have a trick! Continue reading

Zucchini and Goat Cheese Charlotte – step by step recipe

A few years ago I got obessed with charlottes, after a friend of mine offered me a recipe book on these fabulous delicacies.  Charlottes became my trademark : I was making a savoury or a sweet one each time I had friends over. I even dreamed of creating an online shop where I would sell baked to order charlottes.

This is why this post has been made with extra effort:  I documented it step by step, so that you can easily make it at home…and make your guests feel like they are dining in a michelin starred restaurant!

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