Baking for Free Cake For Kids

I am very excited to have my first order from Free Cake For Kids for next Monday!

I have just subscribed to my local hub in Ealing and got a “gig” right away! Yeah!

But what IS FCFK?  It is basically a community service to families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child. The cakes are baked by volunteers who live in the neighbourhood with the kid’s favourite theme or style. Such a simple idea, and yet so lovely!

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Lemony courgette salad


I am pretty easy with food. There really isn’t much I don’t like. And I am all for fruit and veg. But the one thing I really hate is salad. I’ve grown to like the more tasty ones with time, such as arugola or baby spinach leaves. But I can’t bring an iceberg salad leave close to my mouth, or even lettuce. It just feels like I am eating plastic. In fact when I was younger and still living at my parents’, I had taught our dog to eat the salad leaves in my stead. I would give them to him under the table – he was not a fan either though.

Anyway, even now when I want to make a salad, it rarely involves anything leafy. And that’s ok, there is plenty out there you can make a nice crunchy salad with!

This one is actually my mom’s recipe. Very simple and great with grilled meat or fish!

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Roasted Carnival Squash with Risotto bianco

Squash and risotto

No Halloween post for me this year because actually.. well, I completely forgot it was Halloween! I have no idea how I managed to do this, as it was everywhere. All employees at work received paper Jack-O’Lantern masks on their desks, I got invited to few parties, everyone was talking about their costume in the run up to October 31st and I even saw kids in the pub one evening that week trick-or-treating people at the bar (until their mom caught them).   But as I said, I had forgotten and on the night of Halloween I was treating myself to a lovely night out at the opera, the Marriage of Figaro at the Royal Opera House. Yes indeed!

It was a lovely modern take on it as well, with a bit of a feminist angle to it. Which is welcome in a story about the droit de seigneur, where a couple of servants try to convince the lord not to deflower the bride before her wedding… Still a long way to go for women, but how far have we come!

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