Cake and Bake Show 2013 – Day 2 Eclairs Class

Eclairs are back in fashion and that’s good news! If you stroll by Fauchon in Paris, you will see that they are all about eclairs and they treat these lovely pastries like a piece of art. You don’t have a Fauchon in your neighbourhood? Nevermind, I don;t either, but I found this picture on their website to give you an idea of their creations. Not your typical chocolate or vanilla custard treat!

I always loved eclairs but was never really brave or ambitious enough to try and bake my own. At the Cake and Bake Show I attended a class about Eclairs. I gathered lots of tips to make the perfect ones and a few creative ideas such as the lemon meringue eclair you can see above. It was great to understand some of the science behind eclairs!

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Cake and Bake Show 2013 – Day 1 Highlights

CBS1Great first day at the Cake and Bake Show 2013! This is when I saw the best futuristic cakes, an Alice in Wonderland cake, and even a very resembling Queen all made of cake and sugar!

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Cake and Bake Show 2013 – Autumn Cupcake Challenge

Cupcake 2

If you follow my Facebook page you might have seen this cupcake before! It is the one my friend Cristina spent such a long time preparing. We arrived at the Cake and Bake Show in the morning and brought it to the competition. And then had to wait until 3 pm for the winner to be chosen out of 10 cute autumn themed cupcakes.

I still think Cristina’s cupcake is the most beautiful, with the most attention given too details, but I have to admit the level was high. Look at all these!

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My grandma’s bread pudding

Bread pudding

This cake might not be the most appetising when you look at it, but it brings back so many memories. My grandma used to make it on Sunday as a way to use old bread. My sister and I would swoop down on it as soon as it was out of the oven and it would be all gone before it even started to cool down. My grandma has passed away now, and I love doing this recipe in memory of her.

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Homemade spinach & ricotta raviolis – with sage butter

Ravioli 2

My other half is Italian, and when we moved in together in London, his mom got us a pasta machine. She brought in on a  plane all the way from Italy, because everyone knows you cannot survive without it. While she was staying with us, she used it to cook an awesome all home made lasagna , which I suppose should have encouraged me to use it as well. But instead, I felt like I could never equal her and the poor pasta machine stayed in a cupboard for about 6 months, untouched.

Until one day, a friend of mine crashed at our house for a few days while she was looking for an apartment in Oxford. She had just come back from a 3 month cooking class in Florence (I am absolutely not jealous), and told us how she would have liked to thank us by cooking some fresh pasta but she had not brought her pasta machine. And that’s what offered my little machine a second occasion to shine, and me a chance to learn how to make fresh pasta, which is actually not a difficult as I had thought!

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