My blog’s new style

If you have made a habit of visiting my blog, you may be surprised to see that it looks quite different now! I must say I was growing tired of the previous look. I wanted to display a few things on the sides to guide people through the blog and then thought my page looked too full. So I have been looking for something less cluttered, in order to make navigation easier.

Please use the comment section to tell me what you think, and like this post if you like this new style.I would be really glad to have your feedbacks…and I hope you’ll keep following me!


My Cake & Bake Show 2012

Have you heard about this show? 2012 was the first edition, and I had booked my tickets 2 months in advance. Basically, it is a cake & bake wonderland, with live demonstrations, celebrity speakers, classes, market stalls, competitions etc…

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Pink lentils & coconut soup

Soup lentils coco

All my excuses I have been a very lazy cook these days! With fall coming up, the light goes down too early and it becomes so difficult to make nice pictures! A wonderful ” ricotta&pinoli-stuffed zucchini” recipe did not make it on the blog because of this. I promise I will give it another try soon enough though!

But let’s get back to today’s recipe. Fall is on us, and when I think of fall, I think of soups. I mainly make pumpkin soups, they are my favorites. Looking at the picture, this could be one of them. But don’t judge the book by its cover, this soup here has nothing to do with pumpkin and the first spoonful will transport you all the way to Asia! This soup makes a complete meal, perfect for a cold rainy day, as the lentils will give you lots of energy.

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Know what there is in your food, make it yourself!

Have you heard about this new study showing the dangers of GMOs? I am usually not much of an activist, but this, I have to share : Rat study shows danger of GMOs.

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EAT! Brussels Festival

You can find as many restaurants in Brussels than in Paris, though the city is at least thrice smaller: Brussels is a real foodie place!

Now it has even created an event to make the task easier for us! Instead of criss-crossing the city in search of the best places to eat, I had the occasion to go to EAT!Brussels, a new festival dedicated to Brussels restaurants. The festival lasted from 13 until 16 September. It is closed now..but I hope there will be another edition next year!

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Ferias & Paella in Nîmes


Last week-end I left rainy Belgium in search for the last rays of sunshine…and I found them in the South of France, in Nîmes. I went there with a group of friends, for the “Ferias des Vendanges”. On the programme: bodegas (temporary bars set up in the streets, courtyards and terraces), corridas in the beautiful Roman amphitheatre, concerts, sangria … and a great party atmosphere!

Why am I telling you all this on a cooking blog? Because it is at the ferias that I had the best paella ever, and I wanted to share the experience with you! Have a look at this! A recipe from Elisabeth, my paella-hero!

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Fresh plum gingerbread cookies

Autumn is coming, and with it the time of cookies dipped in tea or hot chocolate!! But right now is still summer. It’s a bit of an in between period, just like these cookies: not quite gingerbread cookies, not quite roasted fruit either..but a bit of both.

Here is Belgium, speculoos is the king of cookies. Speculoos is a sort of gingerbread cookies, make with a mix of spices ginger, cinnamon, cardamone, nutmeg and cloves. It is so popular here that you can find lots of products based on speculoos: speculoos spread, speculoos crumbs, speculoos mousse, speculoos dessert cream..and so on.

But the thing I love to use when baking, is the already made speculoos spices mix. It amkes it so easy to add extra falvour to any bisquit or pastry! I use it just like cinnamon. Like in this cookie recipe for example!

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Blueberry-Crumble FroYo

I am an ice cream addict..on summer holidays there are days when I eat JUST ice cream.But then I like fruit pies too..and sometimes it is just too hard to chose. This makes dessert an excruciating moment when eating out.

Fortunately, at home, I have an ice cream machine that enables me to combine all this and realizes my wildest fantasies. Yeah baby!

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Grilled pepper & gorgonzola sandwich

Those times when you come back home and you realize you haven’t been grocery shopping for much too long!

I am not really good at keeping my fridge full, but I take it as something positive:  I actually think it helps me stay creative food-wise.I like to challenge myself with an empty fridge, turning next to nothing in something that looks like a meal.Here was my latest invention: the gorgonzola & pepper grilled sandwich.

Grilled cheese sandwich is such a delicious lazy meal! This one is just a slighlty upgraded version.

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