Maple-balsamic glased roasted winter veg


Having friends over for lunch this week-end, it’s been a while! I love having people over at ours and I usually really enjoy looking up recipes over the week ahead of the gathering. This week though, I was really busy with work and did not really have time for anything. And then on Friday I went out for drinks with my team … and what was going to be a glass of time ended up in a much longer night out and I only got tobed around 3am. So Saturday morning I did not really feel up to cooking, and needed a bit of extra time for getting ready really! This recipe was perfect for this situation! Once you are done cutting the veg, you just need to leave them in the oven until they (and you) are ready.

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Coconut cookies (vegan)

imageSo… How did you dress up for Halloween?? This year I finally realised that here, Halloween in about dressing up. Not looking scary – which is how we do it in France. Actually in the UK Halloween looks more like an excuse to wear your kinkiest outfit. Lots of sexy nurses, sexy policewomen, sexy whatever. So I decided to look innocent for a change and dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Not zombie or sexy version. Just Little Red Riding Hood.
And of course to make the costume complete, you need a basket full of biscuits and a jar of butter.

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